Bewildered by the sudden discovery of blue carrots, a teenager sets out on a journey with an unexpected ending.


F*cking Blue Carrots

F*cking Blue Carrots is a tragicomic story of Joanna, a teenager who discovers one day that carrots are blue. When she realizes that she is living in a world where carrots have always been blue, she is unable to accept that. She makes many efforts to grasp what is going on. Her friends, family and experts (doctors, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists) maintain that her health and perception are “absolutely fine”. Deep frustration and unsympathetic environment send Joanna on a journey that involves meeting a Far Eastern Zen master. The journey becomes an exploration of the self; accepting the reality and the existence of blue carrots proves an uneasy task.


Producer Julia Bui, Mai Bui  / Director Julia Bui  /  Writer Dominika Gadomska, Julia Bui, Mai Bui / Music Composer Jarosław Jóżwik, Mateusz Bala / Director of Photography Mai Bui / Editors Julia Bui /Key Cast Michalina Duda / Supporting Cast Nam Bui, Zuzanna Rutkowska, Jakub Kochanek, Anna Bui, Przemysław Duda, Krystyna Starczewska, Wojciech Wójcik




Julie Bui

Director of photography

Maï Bui

Key Cast

Michalina Duda


Bui Film


Dominika Gadomska, Julia Bui, Mai Bui